Personal Wellness Assessments

Assessment 1

I did the Walking a mile for my first Assessment or formally known as the RockPort Fitness Walking Test.  I completed this Fitness Test on Trevilian Way because that is the street that I live on.

The equation that I used to figure out my V02 max.  The formula for the equation is 132.853-(.0769 x Weight)-(.3877 x Age)+(6.315 x Gender)-(3.2649 x Time)-(.1565 x HR)= Answer in ML/KG/MIN.

Male= 1, Time=9 minutes and 42 seconds, Age=19, HR=(Resting=56 BPM, After exercise=88 BPM), Weight=210, Gender=1

Answer= 71.1257 ML/KG/MIN.

Reflection: This test shows you where you stand in your fitness level and doesn’t take any time at all.  I really enjoyed doing this test because the walk on a nice day was great and I got to see where I stood in compare to my friends.


Assessment 2

Assessment 5-3 is the next fitness assessment I completed.  The Sling test is what this test is called and it is to see how flexible your muscles really are.  I tested around 1 inch off of the floor so I tested around the excellent category, you should try it and find out where you stand!

Reflection: It was pretty fun to compete against my roommates to see who was more flexible, and not surprisingly I was the most flexible out of my group of friends!



Assessment 3

Assessment Activity 5-4 is the Trunk Extension Assessment shows how flexible your abdominal and hip flexor muscles.

Reflection: This test made me realize that I need to stretch more because I scored more in the Average category.  You should see what you score!



Assessment 4

In the Assessment Activity 7-1 Using BMI to Estimate Body-Weight Status and Calculate Desirable Body Weight.

Reflection: I had to use a scale and equations to figure out what my BMI is and how much weight it made me realize I wanted to lose. Here is a picture of what my calculations were.


Assessment 5

In Assessment 13-3 Are You at Risk for Diabetes? Answering certain questions to find out if you are questionable for soon adopting to the fact that you may have Diabetes.

Reflection: While answering the questions yes or no to all of the questions it was nice to see that I will not have Diabetes unless my lifestyle drastically changes in the near future.