Personal Wellness Are you curious about how you might improve your mental and physical well being?  This PSA talks about how just simply getting outside can help you get more fit.  Get out and explore the article read.  I do agree with this, as a kid growing up I feel like I was never inside […]


How to Stay in Shape While Traveling How to stay in shape while Traveling. Everyone goes on a trip to somewhere whether it is for pleasure, business, or to see a friend but no matter what it is you are away from your home and it is tough to get a workout in.  This PSA […]

Infographic Take your workout on the road! This infographic displays what core and body weight exercises you can do on the road to stay in shape.  It is really hard to stay in shape when you are traveling but this quick workout will get you sweating and takes no time at all.  Speaking from a […]

Infographic This info graph shows the daily differences that exercise makes in your life. Only about 20 percent of adults reach their average amount of exercise. After a long day of work the last thing you want to do is cook up something healthy and go exercise, believe me everyone understands that. But the better […]