Personal Wellness Assessments Part 2

Assessment #6

Personal Wellness Book page 329, Assessment Activity 9-2

How Stressed are you? This assessment asked you to number in different categories how stressed you are on a scale from 1 – 10.  1 being not stressed and 10 being extremely.  The categories were Physical, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and Environmental.

In my scoring for this assessment I gave Physical and Intellectual both high scores compared to my other scores because trying to balance both school and lacrosse at the same time is very difficult to do, and I have trouble balancing them.  I am stressed physically because lacrosse is so hard on my body and I am always tired, and Intellectually because I struggle in school and have to work extra hard for the grades that I receive.

I really did like this assessment because it showed me what I currently am really stressing out about and what is not bothering me very much at all.  I would recommend all students to take this quick assessment if you are worried or aren’t about anything.  If you think you aren’t stressing out maybe you will rethink that after testing yourself.  My final score was a 21, which to me seems pretty high so I am going to work harder to lower my score so I am not stressing out as much.  This assessment was very easy and quick to do so it would only take you a few moments of your time to see where your stress levels are currently, and what you should do to change it.


Assessment #7

Personal Wellness Book page 35, Assessment 1-3

Assessing your Health Behaviors. Before changing your life immediately, taking this test will show you what you should be able to change, and what will take some time to change. Getting into shape is not just a 1 day process, it will take steps, but everything is obtainable. In this test you need to write down in one column what you do to be healthy, and then on the right column write down what you do to hurt your body.

In my answers I couldn’t come up with a lot, but I am leaning on the healthier sides of things figuring that I work out 6 days a week because I play lacrosse here at Bellarmine. It is kind of hard not to be healthy because of all of the running that we lacrosse players do on a regular basis at practice.

I really did like this assessment because it was quick and easy. I also liked it because it showed me that I need to improve my eating habits if I really do want to be in better shape than I already am in. I highly recommend this assessment because it won’t take you a long time at all, and it will show you what you need to work on, like maybe taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or walking to class instead of driving if you live close enough.


Assessment #8

Personal Wellness Book page 167, Assessment Activity 5-2

Shoulder Flexion Test. This objective of this test is to measure the deltoids of the shoulder girdle. First you lay down and then while holding a stick of some sort raise it as high as you can off of the ground, but don’t forget to leave your chin touching the floor, that is where I slipped up a couple of times.

In my scoring tiles of this stretching experiment, I did it three times and scored 21 my first go which leaves me in the Average group. The second time I did it, which was my best, I scored a 23 which placed me in the Good category. My third and last time I scored a 22 which put me back down in the Average group. I struggle in the aspect of stretching so I was not surprised that I did not get in the Excellent category.

I did like this exercise because it allowed me to stretch out my shoulders a little bit, and show myself that I do need to stretch more so I can be more flexible. This assessment takes a little more time than the others, but it is nice to do and it will show you where you stand in the groups of stretching. (also my camera man was my measurer)


Assessment #9

Personal Wellness Book page 233, Assessment Activity 6-5

Eating Behaviors to Consider. This test is a simple 10 questions long about your eating habits. I caught myself trying to lie, but it would only hurt myself by not answering the questions with what I actually eat.

In my answers for this Assessment, you had to answer questions like what is your favorite restaurant, what foods you wouldn’t ever try, and what your favorite meal was. It was tough to answer the question what foods have I recently tried or come accustomed to, which I answered with Egg whites because I now eat them every morning after my roommates got me into them.

I really did enjoy answering these 10 questions about my eating habits. After looking at some of the answers that I wrote down, it just makes me want to eat healthier so I can get into better shape, and just simply feel better because of it.


Assessment #10

Personal Wellness Book page 333, Assessment Activity 9-4

Identification of Coping Styles dealing with Stress. This assessment asked you to fill out a checklist of what you do when you are stressed out. The 2 that caught my eye when I am stressed out is that I workout, and listen to music. And 2 things I would never do if I was stressed out would be poetry, and go to church because that just simply isn’t who I am, but that could be you!

In My checklist for this assessment there are 3 categories, often, rarely, and not at all. In the often category I marked 8 of them, in the rarely category I marked 8 of them also, and then 7 in the not at all never category.

I really liked this assessment because it gave me ideas of what I should do next time when I am really stressed out, like taking a hot shower to ease the stress levels. This assessment didn’t take very long at all. I recommend that everyone should do it just so they can see how they handle stress, and what ways they could handle stress a little better in different ways.