How to Stay in Shape While Traveling

nigga doin pushups.jpg

How to stay in shape while Traveling. Everyone goes on a trip to somewhere whether it is for pleasure, business, or to see a friend but no matter what it is you are away from your home and it is tough to get a workout in.  This PSA talks about all the different exercises you can do to stay in shape on the road when you can’t get to a gym.  It is tough to get the essentials on the road, a good nights rest, a good meal, and a good workout.  But thats the fun in it.  You get to explore what is around you while also getting a great workout in.  Go out for a jog, or if you are somewhere warm, go swim for exercise, but if you are somewhere cold, stay indoors and hit up some core.  Traveling with my lacrosse team is nice because we all usually go to bed around the same time and have to get up at the same time, we are provided healthy meals for our bodies, and get excellent workouts in through practices.  Being a collegiate athlete makes it really easy to stay in shape but it definitely isn’t easy in the slightest.


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